Stop Missing Out on Customer's Feedback.

Feedback Finder helps you collect valuable feedback from existing, and potential customers, that can help you increase revenue for your restaurant, hotel, gym, coworking space, or store. Get started today!

Customers scan a QR code

Your customers submit their feedback anonymously through their cellphone by scanning a QR code that you set up.

You see the feedback

You see the feedback submitted by your customers in a real-time web interface, where the data is only visible by you.

Use data to improve sales

The app presents data, like when the customers enjoy their stay the most, which you can use to fix problems and increase revenue.

Problem & Solution

Do you really know what your customers think?

Most business owners go about their day thinking they know what their customers think. The truth is though, most actually don't. Unless a customer has the courage to tell you, you won't find out.

Okay, how can Feedback Finder help me?

Feedback Finder helps you collect your customer' feedback through them simply scanning a QR code that you put up somewhere in your location. From there, you can inspect the feedback in a modern web interface.

Phone to Laptop

Ready to get started?

You can start using Feedback Finder today and try 30 days for free, and cancel at any time.

$59 / month

30 days free trial

No credit card required

Fast Install

Set up everything in just a day, start collecting customer feedback.

Private Data

Only you and your team get access to the customers' feedback.

Easy to Use

Easy to use for both you, your team, and your customers.

Based in Europe

Feedback is stored in data centers in the center of Europe.

Real-time Insights

Feedback & statistics is showed to you in real-time on a web app.

No User Signup

Users anonymously submit their feedback with their phones.

Frequently asked Questions

- Do I have to start paying immediately?

No, you can try Feedback Finder for 30 days without entering any payment information. You will also not be bound to start a subscription when the test period is over.

- Who can see the feedback?

The difference between Feedback Finder and something like Google reviews is that only you and your business can see the feedback.

- Do I have to make the flyers?

Currently, Feedback Finder only provides the QR code that the customer scans to send the feedback. The design and production of the flyer stand for you and your company to do.